Sunday, August 16, 2015

Decision Makers, Divest or Resign

Some stocks perform best with mass incarceration, during wars, and by relaxing environmental protections. Americans should not expect stockholders to introduce or vote for laws that weaken their own stock portfolios. U.S. officials engage in blatant conflicts of interest by acting as decision makers while directly benefiting from their own decisions regarding the justice system, foreign policy, environmental protection, and other matters. Americans regularly accuse officials of being unduly influenced by corporations rather than their constituents. In truth, our officials are corporation owners and stockholders. Public employees must not be allowed to introduce, vote on, or enforce laws and policies that directly benefit them, their minor children, or spouses. They will never prioritize the public's interest above their own stock portfolios.
Government employees must be made to DIVEST or RESIGN.
Results of allowing American decision makers to be corporation owners and stockholders include:
~ mass incarceration and injustices to keep prisons and jails full
~ perpetual wars and rumors of wars
~ environmental destruction

It is not a matter of America officials not wanting to be righteous men and women. It is simply a matter of it being IMPOSSIBLE for them to be righteous while having to choose between their own financial gains and serving constituents. The bible says "No man CAN serve two masters." In order to improve justice and the likelihood of enjoying peace in a healthy environment, we must demand that no public servants or their immediate family members can own stocks in corporations while in government positions. Neither should legislators be employed in industries related to their government service for three years after leaving their government positions (i.e., former congresspersons cannot be employed with arms manufacturers; present and former law enforcement personnel, including Justice Department personnel, cannot work for private prison and jail or probation companies). It is time for Americans to demand a non-competition clause with its elected and appointed officials.

In this blog, we will publish articles that clearly demonstrate that Americans must insist that our officials DIVEST or RESIGN. In order to submit articles for publication herein, please email and/or call (678)531.0262. Thank you in advance for your participation. Let us work together to make America beautiful and insist on justice for ALL. Make a human rights demand that government decision makers must chose between keeping their positions or resigning immediately because of conflicts of interest. Demand to see their stock portfolios to ensure that justice is done.

MaryLovesJustice Neal
Director of the "Divest or Resign" Initiative
and of "Human Rights Demand" channel at Blogtalkradio

The love of money prevents decision makers from acting ethically in the public's interest. Remove conflicts of interest. Insist that government officials Divest or Resign.

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